Due to the demise of Windows Mobile and the closing of the Windows Mobile marketplace, WMWifiRouter is no longer for sale.

If you are still on Windows Mobile, enjoy WMWifiRouter for free:

Note: these are TRIAL installers, you still need to unlock them (see below)

ActiveSync installer, to install from your desktop computer
Download WMWifiRouter.exe (English only)
Download WMWifiRouter.exe (All languages)
CAB installer, to install directly on your mobile device
Download WMWifiRouter.cab (English only)
Download WMWifiRouter.cab (All languages)

To unlock, use this license code: EDFZM-HTXKJ-TJTRH-ZTRCB
Alternatively, use the CAB installer for the license code

The support site will be kept online for now for documentation and knowledgebase, but we will no longer provide support for WMWifiRouter.

It's been a good few years, thank you for your continued support and help in making WMWifiRouter (the first mobile hotspot application ever) one of the best known and most sold Windows Mobile applications!
- The WMWifiRouter Team